While cooking Haitian meals, why not listen to Haitian music? Check out some songs below.

The music of Haiti combines a wide range of influences drawn from the many people who have settled on this Caribbean island. It reflects French, African rhythms, Spanish elements and others who have inhabited the island of Hispaniola and minor native Taino influences. Styles of music unique to the nation of Haiti include music derived from Vodou ceremonial traditions, rara parading music, twoubadou ballads, mini-jazz rock bands, rasin movement, hip hop Kreyòl, the wildly popular compas, and Méringue as its basic rhythm.***

1. La Dessalinienne (The Dessalines Song) –  the national anthem of Haiti

2. “Ayite Se” by Mikaben

3. “A.K.I.K.O.” by Emeline Michele

4. “Zouk La Se Sel Medikaman Nou Ni” by Kassav

5. “Lakay” by Tabou Combo*

6. “Lakòl” by Claude Marcelin*

7. “Manman” by Manno Charlemagne*

8. “Tu Me Touches” by T-Vice*

9. “Si Bondye” by Ansy & Yole Derose

10. “Encore” by Herve Gilbert

11. “Kem Pa Sote” by Boukman Eksperyans **

12. “Haiti Cherie” by Georges Moustaki


*Credit: Frederik Hahn aka “DJ HAITIAN STAR”
**Credit: DJ/Producer Sabine Blaizin (Oyasound) –

*** Source: Wikipedia

(Note: Click on each song listed above to listen to it on Youtube. Sometimes, links may not work, but as of February 2016, I checked these links and made sure they are directly linked to Youtube. If you come across a broken link, you can still find the songs via internet search. Enjoy! )